Maude Lake & Beatty Glacier

Distance – Turbine Canyon to Maude Lake – 1.53 km Elevation Gain to Maude Lake – 144 metres After the morning hike up to Haig Glacier we came back to camp for a nice relaxing lunch, and by relaxing what I really mean is walking in circles around the table with food in hand trying to get a mouthful of soup with as few mosquitoes in  it as possible. Hot, tired, and full, we retreated to the tent to escape the bugs for a well deserved siesta, which lasted all of two minutes because it was so swelteringly hot inside we literally […]

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Haig Glacier

Distance – Turbine Canyon to First View of Haig Glacier – 1.55 km Elevation Gain to first viewpoint – 209 metres We wanted to do a couple of short hikes on the second day of our camping trip to Turbine Canyon. After talking to some other campers we decided we would start out the day with a trip up to have a look at Haig Glacier and the Beckie Scott Centre for High Altitude Training. We made a quick stop to check out Turbine Canyon, which was actually very impressive, and a whole lot deeper than I expected, so deep […]

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Turbine Canyon – Backpacking

Distance to Turbine Canyon Campground – 18.15 km Elevation Gain – 575 metres Like usual, we never got around to planning this years backpacking trip until a couple of days before we decided to go. The great thing about procrastinating is that we didn’t really have much choice where to go (I think we literally got the last open back-country site in all of Kananaskis Country). Because of this we ended up at the Turbine Canyon Backcountry campsite, which none of us had ever heard of before, and probably given the choice would never have chosen to go to. Looking at the details of […]

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Mud Lake Moose

We had a frighteningly close encounter with this Bull Moose while on our way back from Burstall Lakes in Kananaskis Country.  It was blocking the trail through the meadow just up the hill from Mud Lake and the parking lot, and we had to get pretty close to get around it and back to the car.  

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Highwood Pass – The Wildlife

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had a great trip out to Kananaskis. What I didn’t really mention is the dozens of Big Horned Sheep, the multiple Snowshoe Hares, the two absolutely beautiful Brown Bears, or the amazing encounter with a mother Grizzly and her little cub.                                              

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Highwood Pass – The Scenery

Every winter the section of Highway 40 from the turnoff to Kananaskis Lakes Trail and… well actually I’m not sure where the closure is on the south side of the road. But suffice to say they close the highway down in the winter (December 1), to accommodate the migration of Big-Horned Sheep. The road reopens on June 15th, and I like to take a drive around the entire loop of the highway as soon as I can after that. My thinking is that the wildlife won’t all be scared away from the roadside by traffic yet, (although this has never been proven […]

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Tofino #10 – Banff

We were still a bit excited after seeing the bear near Golden. So we thought we’d take a detour and stop at Moraine Lake by Lake Louise (I’ve been trying to get there for three years now). Unfortunately, like usual the road to the lake was still closed. Feeling unsatisfied we decided to take the slow route back to Banff down the Bow Valley Parkway.  We stopped at all the usual scenic spots to take photos. The light was a bit contrasty (hence the HDRs), but it had turned into a nice day, and it was good to get out of the […]

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Winter in Kananaskis Country

I went out early one morning for a drive up to Spray Lakes in Kananaskis Country with the intetion of getting some winter mountain pictures. It was a really cold morning, but thankfully by the time sun came up the sky was perfectly clear and it turned out to be a really nice day, (or as nice as a day can be in February). As much as I don’t like the snow it can make for some really good photography, especially when it’s still fresh and clean looking. I was barely up the hill from Canmore when I spotted a […]

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Lillian Lake

The hike to Lillian Lake is said to be one of the most popular and busiest trails in Kananaskis Country. It is one that I had been trying to do for a while. I even planned a trip with a few friends out there earlier in the year, but when we got to the trail-head we found out that it is closed ever year in the springtime to prevent trail erosion during the spring run-off (I think it opens sometime around the beginning of July). That trip ended up taking us to the point at Upper Kananaskis Lake The trail-head starts […]

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Sunrise in Kananaskis

I thought I’d get up early and head out to Canmore to drive the Spray Lakes/Highway #40 Loop in search of wildlife. I never spotted any of the big predators, which is always the goal, but three close moose encounters, some very strange coyote behaviour, and fantastic morning light, made for an amazing morning!      

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Big-Horned Sheep

You can almost always find at least a couple of Rocky Mountain Big-Horned Sheep at the turnoff from Highway #40 to the Kananaskis Lakes Road.

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Curious Sheep

(June 01/11 – Highway 40) Young Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep enjoying the long awaited spring weather on the side of the highway.

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Big-Horned Sheep Kid

I Ran into a family of Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep while driving the Minnewanka Loop. They were pretty tame so I was able to get close to this little guy, (although not as close as some of the tourist up there… not that I couldn’t have, but unlike everyone else there that day I at least have some sense of respect for wild animals)!

The Elk were right next to the fence  on the side of the Highway #1 on-ramp from Dead Man’s Flats. Although I’ve seen a lot of Elk before, these ones had such massive antlers that I had to back track about 10 km just so I could take a picture… But with the fence so close I couldn’t get a good shot until they had moved back into the trees.

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