Moraine Lake

I had to go out to Banff for work to do a delivery to a production company that was filming a movie out there, so I figured that I might as well bring my camera and make an afternoon of it.

And….┬áIt was pretty much a waste of time……..!

I headed up the parkway, shot a couple bad photos at all the usual spots, and finally made it up to Moraine Lake (after years of failed attempts). But by the time I got there it was pretty much dark, a storm was rolling in, and the light and clouds were total garbage, so I climbed up the ‘Rock Pile’ took a few bad photos, and headed back.

Note to self (and any other photographers)…..

If you want to take pictures of Moraine Lake you need to go at sunrise in the early spring so that the sun is in position to give the view the light it deserves. Sunset in the fall is pretty much just a waste of time.

The pictures really were garbage, so I did what any self respecting photographer would do… Made them into HDR’s, and edited the $#!% out of them.

Lefarge Concrete plant

Vermillion Lake

Castle Mountain HDR

Morant’s Curve HDR

Morant’s Curve

Moraine Lake HDR

Moraine Lake HDR B&W

Moraine Lake HDR



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