Moose and Hare – Spray Lakes Trail

In case you haven’t notice already, I really like driving the Highway #40 – Spray Lakes Trail loop. On this particular occasion I started out in the evening, heading in through Canmore. My first encounter was a very large moose in the middle of the road drinking water from a puddle. It was rather entertaining to see how awkward it is for such a large animal to kneel down, and even more amusing to watch the water leaking out of it’s mouth. I’m pretty sure about 80% of the water it sucked up from the puddle came streaming out of the sides of its mouth before it could actually swallow any.

Shortly after that I spotted a mother and baby moose off the side of the road, and pulled into the ditch to wait for them to move into a better position. After about half an hour they finally moved out of the forest and into view. It was right about then that some moron pulled up in his car, parked right in my field of view, got out of his car and scared them all away (thanks a lot douche-bag)!

After that the weather turned nasty and I white knuckled it through a pretty wild lightning storm. It did clear up a little bit at one point and I spotted a Snowshoe Hare hanging out on the side of the road. Although rabbits aren’t very exciting animals, you would be surprise at how hard they are to find (I’ve probably seen a half dozen bears for every wild Hare I’ve seen (the city ones don’t really count)). This was the first one I had ever managed to photograph, and it just sat there on the side of the road a few feet from my car posing for me. Of course the light was mostly gone at this point, so the pictures didn’t turn out great, but at least I was able to get some shots.



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