I have spotted this pair of Killdeer a couple times while doing deliveries for work. I figure they have a nest in the tall grass somewhere in the unused parking lot on the far east edge of the city by Shepard, but haven’t been able to find it (I haven’t really looked for it, because I’d rather not disturb it, or heaven forbid steep on it).

I knew I was going out there one day so I brought my camera along and stopped to see if I could find them. There was only one around on this day, but she cooperated nicely.

Killdeer are probably one of my favourite small birds, I love their distinctive song, it always reminds me of fishing. The awkward way they run (they’re actually quite fast for a bird) along the shore and the curious high-strung behaviour, bouncing their head up and down always makes me want to laugh, not to mention the really cool red ring eyes.

Killdeer shorebird on a gravel bed


Killdeer shorebird on a gravel bed


Killdeer shorebird on a gravel bed


Random flower (ok.. so it’s a weed) just for fun!


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