Cataract Creek Camping Trip

On my way down south to Cataract Creek to go camping for the weekend I decided to get up early and take the long way around, taking Spray Lakes Trail to Highway #40 over the Highwood Pass and down to the campground. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and a really nice drive with a couple of moose and elk sightings.

We had a great couple days camping and fishing with friends, and Hiked up to Cataract Falls on the last day. The hike was a spur of the moment decision, and the only direction we had was from fellow campers who pointed off to the north and said go that way until you find a trail. The Hike was pretty easy, although a bit rugged, and little more than a game trail for most of the way. It also involved a bit of climbing over boulders and down a cliff, but nothing too intense. The falls were quite nice and well worth the hike.

**I have more photos from camping, but don’t have access to them right now, so maybe I’ll get around to posting them some other time.


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